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Eliminating Fleas the "Nuclear Option"

Tips on removing fleas from your home and yard.

Do not blame your pet there can be more factors than you think!

Recently we have had a handful of customers contact us with difficulties in eliminating fleas. Our products as well as many others will not kill all the fleas in your home or yard. Any pet that roams or is out doors often will attract fleas (and ticks).

Additionally most people do not realize there is a problem until days or weeks later. This allows the female flea to lay as many as 50 eggs a day before any product is utilized to eliminate them. This creates a larger issue even in a clean home considering flea offspring develop over a period of time and can be completely missed in any flea treatment you may deploy against them.

No product will eliminate fleas in the entire area by just treating your pet.

In the time you spot fleas on your pet you may easily have hundreds of flea eggs strew about your home or yard. Often flea eggs are found where your pat my rest. Also in furniture, and or carpets. As for the outside of your home it will be difficult to find them however if you have outdoor pets or friendly feral(s) It is a sure bet where they rest is where you will find flea eggs. when flea eggs hatch they produce larvae. The larvae will then feed on flea dirt, This is the excrement of the flea that contains blood. Within five to twenty days the larvae will move to a location and spin a cocoon. The cocoon is resilient to pesticides therefore even your excellent DYI skills or that of a professional can miss these fleas. Often they can stay in this state for some time until they sense heat, motion, or vibrations from animals or yourself this prompts them to hatch. After a time period they hatch a juvenile fleas which develop rapidly and seek out the nearest source of food, meaning you your pets or other animals.

The real problem this develops over time is that the flea life cycle in in various stages and no single treatment eliminates them all. Additionally there can be hundreds if not thousands of eggs, larvae and cocoons in development in and outside of your home.

Fleas just do not feed on your cat or dog they will feed on most warm blooded vertebrates meaning you are on the menu as well are other animals like rats, mice, rabbits and birds.

Since other animals like rats and mice can carry fleas as well as birds the infestation and re-infestation of your home and yard is rather easy. Most products will wear off in days or weeks especially during the rainy season. Natural products tend to lose effectiveness in a few days and need constant re-application. This can also lead to larger issues as people feel that they took these steps or paid for a service when in fact the "protection" has worn off in a short period of time. This will allows flea to propagate freely causing even more issues.

The solution! Treating your home and yard as well as your pet all at the same time or within days of each other allows the fleas no place to go. This is the start of the "Nuclear Option"

The Nuclear Option

  1. Select a in home and outdoor treatment that is safe for your family and your pets, research is needed.

  2. (Or) Contact a professional service and discuss the products they use to best suit your safety concerns.

  3. Utilize "all natural" products be sure to note the time to re apply the products as you need to do this often.

  4. Select one of our products that is best for your pets. Utilize this product when ready.

  5. Vacuum your entire home ensuring corners, furniture, throw rugs and the like are all vacuumed this will eliminate flea eggs in part. You may have to repeat this process. Check your closets as well as clothing, blankets, towels and other items can be areas fleas will seek refuge in.

  6. Once everything is properly vacuumed or cleaned apply your selected form of surface pest control. (Ensure you follow all safety warnings and remove your pets from the area)

  7. Apply our product to eliminate fleas on your pet.

  8. After a few hours groom your pet outdoors or in a controlled room (bathroom) to brush out dead or dying fleas, eggs and flea dirt.

  9. If need be wash your pet to help remove nay remaining flea eggs or fleas.

  10. Vacuum your home again to remove dead fleas eggs or larvae. In addition wash all pet beds as well.

  11. Treat your entire yard. including under your home (if applies)

If applies Homes with basement or crawl spaces will also need to be treated. Crawl spaces are easy hideout for mice and rats and often are ignored for treatments. Homes with wood floors allow flea eggs to get between the cracks. Closets, linen closets, under beds mattresses, furniture crevice's and the like can all harbor fleas and or eggs.

While this is a excessive process it is the most through. It will need to be done if you find you flea issue rapidly getting out of control. Not to make it worse but steps in full or part may need to be repeated given weather conditions or re-infestations.

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