6 - Flavored Capsules,   250 milligrams of Praziquantel and 250 mg of Pyrantel ( Broad Spectrum = Tape, Hook, Round and Whipworms )


You are buying a great value: Most products may require two to five capsules to be given per your pet's weight. Our product only requires one capsule per pet ( unless otherwise noted for multi parasite infestations). We include a quantity suitable for most pet households, retreatments and or a complete month-long treatment. Our product has an average savings of 30 to 50% off retail prices. Generally, one capsule or application from a veterinarian or pet center may cost as much as $20.00. 


For the elimination of Tape, Hook, Round and Whipworms 


One capsule will eliminate a tapeworm infestation per pet.


One capsule given every ten days ( 1st, 10th 20th day) for a total of three capsules will eliminate all other worm types ( parasites ) 


Each capsule contains Chicken Flavoring, 250 milligrams of Praziquantel and 250 mg of Pyrantel. For pets from 75 to 150  pounds


Please note: The package contains six capsules allowing for the treatment of up to six pets for common tapeworms, OR the elimination of the four most common worm infestations for two pets. 


Application: Each capsule contains real chicken flavoring, simply mix with canned food and serve per pet. Observe for several minutes to ensure complete consumption. 


Warning: Keep out of the reach of children at all times. Some pets may experience vomiting. For use only on healthy pets only. Do not deworm sick pets or pets with known medical issues consult a veterinarian or have them directly treat your pet. 

Broad Spectrum Dewormer for LARGE dogs 6 capsules