An oral application for the elimination of fleas for multi pet homes. Excellent for all levels of flea infestations.

We offer an amazingly low cost solution for your pet's flea issue(s).  This product is perfect for multi-pet owners, shelters or foster homes.

We provide a 10 milligram scoop to easily utilize the desired amount need for your pet. As with all bulk product we suggest a digital scale to ensure exact amounts. These are avilible on eBay or Amazon for $20 to $30 and well worth the small investment.

What is Strike-pyram? (Flea Killer) targets and eliminates adult biting fleas when they feed on your pet. Strike-pyram starts working in 30 minutes eliminating fleas by targeting the central nervous system of fleas and biting insects, causing rapid death. Providing protection 24 to 48 hours. Works well in conjunction with strike-fenuron ( Flea Control ) and other non-toxic flea control products

Application: When flea infestation is present or given after a potential exposure to fleas. Determine pets weight and apply one of the following applications:

Cats and small dogs 2 to 25 pounds: 12 milligrams 

Medium and Large Dogs 30 to 125 pounds: 57 milligrams

5 Gram package equals, 416, 12 milligram applications or 87, 57 milligram applications

10 Gram Package equals, 832, 12 milligram applications or 175, 57 milligram applications

Closely observe pet(s) consumption to ensure the product is completely consumed. Only one application per 48 hours. Do not exceed three applications per week if moderate to heavy infestation is present. Ensure that additional step are taken to remove fleas from your pet environment such as flea treatments for your home and yard. This product alone will not eliminate generational flea infestations. 

Warning: Do not give pets with medical conditions, pregnant, under two pounds body weight (kittens or puppies). In rare cases, pets may have an adverse reaction. Keep out of the reach of children at all times. 

Bulk Flea Killer 10 gram package with scoops