A super amazing economy package for single pet homes. 2 grams of Flavored Flea Killer and 2 grams of monthly flavored flea control. This can equal hundreds of applications for your pet from toy sized dogs, large cats to mega-sized mutts! This product will only be offered until December 23rd.


This is an oral product that is added to canned pet food for a super easy application. Comes with measuring scoop for easy measuring.


We offer an amazingly low-cost solution for your pet's flea issue(s).  This product is perfect for multi-pet owners, shelters or foster homes.


We provide a scoop(s) to easily utilize the desired amount need for your pet.

( As with all bulk products we suggest a digital scale to ensure exact amounts. These are available on eBay or Amazon and well worth the small investment.)


This is a non-capsulated product in powder form that needs to be carefully measured per application. It is the most flexible product we offer for multi-pet homes. Allowing pet owners to properly treat flea infestations on pets for cats, small dogs, medium and large dogs. The packages even in these small amounts offer hundreds of applications.


Flea Killer Application:


When flea infestation is present or given after a potential exposure to fleas. Determine pets weight and apply one of the following applications ( Never exceed the recommended doses in a 24 hour period )


Cats and small dogs 2 to 7 pounds 6mg,  7 to 25 pounds: 12 milligrams 


Medium and Large Dogs 30 to 125 pounds: 57 milligrams



Suggested application per pet, Flea Killer:


2.5 Gram package equals, 416 - 6 milligram applications, 208 - 12-milligram applications or 43 - 57-milligram applications


5 Gram package equals, 416 - 12-milligram applications or 87 - 57-milligram applications


10 Gram Package equals, 832 - 12-milligram applications or 175 - 57-milligram applications



Flea Control Application: 


Flea Control Application: One measured dose (instructions and tool provided) given once a month. Best used with a fatty canned food or meal. Mix well with food and observe pet(s) consumption to ensure the product is fully consumed. 


Suggested application per pet, Flea Control: 


For dogs is 5 mg/lb ( to 10 mg per kilogram of your pet's weight) once monthly. 

For cats, 15 mg/lb (30 mg per kilogram of your pet's weight) once monthly.


Example: A five-pound cat would need a 75 mg dose ( for 67 potential future applications) 


Observe pet(s) consumption to ensure the product is completely consumed. Only one application per 48 hours. It is not necessary to give more than three applications per week even if moderate to heavy infestation is present. 


Warning: This is a proven and safe product however we suggest the following: Do not give pets with medical conditions, pregnant, under two pounds body weight (kittens or puppies). In rare cases, pets may have an adverse reaction.


Keep out of the reach of children at all times. 


Bulk Combo flea killer and control for all pets 2 gram packages