16 ounce size


A topical powder consisting of all natural 100% made in the USA flea, tick and biting insect repellant and elimination product. Containing fresh water diatomaceous earth, neem tree bark and mint. An excellent combination to eliminate and repel insects. 

Our product contains more neem than other products making it a potent insect eliminating product 


Our small size ( 9 ounce container, with sifter top ) product is perfect for your cat or small dog for low exposure situations.


Depending on your pet's activity, size, and exposure will change the amount of uses available from one container.


Use: Sprinkle a small amount on your pet starting from the neck avoiding the eyes and nose of your pet. Work backwards from your pets neck to tail covering the entire body while working the product into your pets fur coat.


If you see active flea or ticks on your pet focus on those areas with extra powder. 


One application lasts up to two days depending on environment and activity.


It is best to apply product in a controlled area for clean up and control of your pet. Do not allow your pet to go outside and roll in dirt or grass.  If you pet grooms itself it will remove most of the powder. This is natural and will not harm your pet. These products also aid in eliminating intern

Flea and tick natural powder 16 ounce