Best used for: Flea control ( Does not kill adult fleas ) on Cats and Small Dogs, breaks flea life cycle in developing flea larvae.

Product information:

Flea Control also known as Lufenuron ( Also known as Program ) is stored in the animal's body fat and transferred to adult fleas through the host's blood when they feed. Adult fleas transfer it to their growing eggs through their blood, and to hatched larvae feeding on her excrement. It does not kill adult fleas. Lufenuron, inhibits the production of chitin insects. Without chitin, a larval flea will never develop a hard outer shell (exoskeleton). With its inner organs exposed to air, the insect dies from dehydration soon after hatching or molting (shedding its old, smaller shell). It has no toxic effects at any dosage on humans other mammals or any animals not having hard shells.

Flea Control, For Cats and Small Dogs

  • For Cats and dogs 2 to 30 pounds. Dose is 165mg in powder form. Chicken flavoring added to improve consumption.