32-ounce container with sifter cap.


This product is excellent flea elimination multiplier when combined with our other flea control products.


As part of our product line, we offer a totally natural non-toxic in-home treatment. Color safe for most surfaces and furniture ( Must color test before using ) non-toxic and safe for people, cats, and dogs. Best used in dry environments only for maximum effectiveness.  


We combine the natural yet powerful abilities of neem, diatomaceous earth, and mint to eliminate and repel fleas at all stages of their life cycle. 


Food Grade Diatomaceous earth - When exposed to the adult fleas exoskeleton it will cut through and dehydrate them, "a death of a thousand cuts" might be the best way to explain how this ingredient works. However no worries this does not affect humans or pets in the same way. 


Neem - Neem is a popular pest control product in various forms. We utilize 100% natural, grown in the USA, neem tree bark. This repels and affects insects in many ways (see bullet points). Neem also works on ticks, roaches, ants and other insects beyond fleas.


  • Disrupting or inhibiting the development of eggs, larvae, or pupae.
  • Blocking the molting of larvae. 
  • Disrupting mating and sexual communication.
  • Repelling larvae and adults.
  • Deterring females from laying eggs.
  • Sterilizing adults.
  • Poisoning larvae and adults.
  • Deterring feeding.
  • Inhibiting the formation of chitin.


Mint - We utilize two types of mint. Mint has repellant properties and also a pleasant smell.


We offer a pet based powder as well 3-ounce and 9-ounce sizes however it contains significantly more neem which is more effective for flea and tick elimination. 

In home flea elimination Powder