An oral application for the elimination of fleas in one convenient capsule. Excellent for all levels of flea infestations. Simply mix the encapsulated powder into your pets favorite chicken flavored canned food and observe them consume the product. No fuss, no aggravation, no struggling to make them swallow a capsule!


Up to one year's protection from Fleas for a single pet!


52 Flea killer capsules allow a weekly application, if needed, to eliminate biting adult fleas. Backed by the protection of our flea control product with 12 capsules for a monthly application which breaks the flea life cycle by targeting hatching fleas.



Our prices are far less than most retail off the shelf solutions! 50% off most retail products. Every product consists of high-quality components such as pharmaceutical grade gelatin capsules ( kosher and halal approved), food-grade real chicken flavoring and 99% pure active ingredients.  



What is Strike-pyram, Flea Killer, targets and eliminates adult biting fleas when they feed on your pet. Strike-pyram starts working in 30 minutes eliminating fleas by targeting the central nervous system of fleas and biting insects, causing rapid death. Providing protection 24 to 48 hours. 


What is Strike-nuron, Flea Control, an insect growth inhibitor, works through the female adult flea by targeting the offspring aiding in eliminating generational infestations. Controls and eliminates hatching fleas.



Warning: Do not give pets with medical conditions, pregnant, under two pounds body weight (kittens or puppies). In rare cases, pets may have an adverse reaction. Keep out of the reach of children at all times. 


One year package deal!