This product is for Large dogs 60 to 120 pounds 


This product is vastly more effective than all other flea killers. You will not need 100 count bottles simply one use per month.    


What is Strike-30 (Flea elimination for up to 30 days) targets and eliminates adult biting fleas when they feed on your pet(s). Strike-30 starts working in 30 minutes eliminating fleas by targeting the central nervous system of most biting insects, causing rapid death. (does not kill ticks but many other biting insects*)  Providing protection for up to 30 days with one capsule. 


We offer an amazingly low-cost solution for your pet's flea issue(s). In comparison, this product retails for $15.00 per capsule for an average of $45.00 for three capsules or $96.00 for six. We are offering an excellent reduced price and free standard domestic shipping.


SUPREME VALUE: How does this compare with other flea killers? Most flea killer products last for 24 to 48 hours. Strike 30 lasts up to 30 days saving you time and money over other flea killing competitive products. One use in 30 days saves you the hassle of repeatedly applying additional products, messy topical's or short term effect products. The value is that all biting fleas die and that  your pet no matter of what level of infestation it's exposed is protected. Additional hatching generations of fleas will also die if they are present if they feed on your pet.     



USE: Determine if your pet has an active flea infestation by grooming your pet or observing for fleas. Scratching is NOT an indication of fleas. Confirm your exact pet's exact weight and utilize the correct product/capsule (color coded)  


Application: When flea infestation is present give one capsule only once a month, provide a full meal or mix with canned "soft" food. 


Observe pet(s) consumption to ensure the product is completely consumed. Only one application is needed. It is NEVER necessary to give more applications. 


Warning: Pets MUST be over 14 weeks old, no less than four pounds, have existing medical conditions, cases of epilepsy, pregnant, In rare cases, pets may have an adverse reaction such as (Cats) lethargy,  weight loss, and diarrhea. (Dogs) can potentially experience lethargy, itching, decreased appetite, salivation, diarrhea, trembling, salivation and seizures.  


Keep product out of the reach of children and pets at all times. 

Strike 30 for large dogs 60 to 120 pounds (6) capsules